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Sage 100 Contractor Support Number

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Managing Every Phase of Sage 100 Contractor Support Number

The construction and project management industry is highly sensitive to scheduling and cost. Sage 100 Contractor is an integrated, construction-specific accounting and project management software solution that helps to manage the entire phase of construction and service management.

It provides better business visibility and control. It enables instant access to information through a customizable dashboard, a work center that manages all aspects of production from one place with a comprehensive assessment of job cost and profitability.

Sage 100 Contractor helps to manage every aspect of operations effectively and helps provide a bigger better picture of the business for sound decision making.

The application is apt at working in a complex multi-user, multi-company environment that may include remote connections.

Sage Contractor Helps in these Major Areas:

Customer Acquisition– Sage 100 Contractor helps to prepare the easiest assembly-based estimates to drive proposals based on different billing methods. It combines the best features of a database and spreadsheet for meaningful reports and also incorporates 3rd party estimating tools into the system.

Takeoffs – Helps to translate customers’ requirement into estimate costs through a variety of takeoff reports. Create Request For Proposal (RFP) from Take-off Screen.

Making a Final Proposal – For making a final proposal, it helps in exporting data from takeoff into the budget and makes a proposal with an itemized price sheet. The proposal can be edited after price negotiation with the client.

Schedule – Sage 100 Contractor helps to schedule a plan and manage project planning on a task by task basis, inspecting and identifying conflicting tasks and resources, analyzing time accuracy.

Managing Subcontracts – Create and monitor subcontracts, review changes and manage sub-contract billing.

Production – Helps take care of the control areas in production like production schedule, controlling material onsite.

Service management – The App takes into account everything from quotes to Service Receivables, service routes & POS, quickly add on-call work orders and dispatch.

Documentation – Help prepare all documents like the Request For Proposal (RFP), Request For Information (RFI), daily field reports, POs.

Accounting – Helps to manage general ledger, AR/AP, Payroll, workers’ compensation, insurance, tapping overheads.

Customizable Dashboard – Get instant information for better business visibility and alerts.

Analysis – After a job completion, you can contrast and compare groups of jobs in the form of a printed report like Line, Bar, 3D, Graphs. Report Writer creates custom reports by accessing info stored in the contractor’s database. Query Wizard helps to copy the result of a query into a spreadsheet.

Pros: The tool is quite versatile and elaborately takes into account all stakeholders involved in a critical, end-to-end business and project management. It also helps in a neat flow of data integration from preparing estimates to production/manufacturing to accounting, billing & finance. Sage 100 has a simple UI which is quite easy to navigate and use.

Cons: However, it has a few stumbling blocks as well like data exporting poses occasional problems and needs a lot of cleaning once exported. This might need expert help. There may be snags, the program can crash while upgrading to Windows 10 and the Sage 100 SQL Contractor Hosting Framework that runs in the background and it may need resetting. Entering time card for job costing can also throw errors.

Issues with Sage Contractor:

Our Sage experts at QuickBooksTechSupportPhoneNumber rectify snags and fix all kinds of data errors with specific tools and by taking the remote access to your system. We can move entries to the right place without voiding the related records, or help update to the latest release to take advantage of the latest features, moving your company data to the new upgraded version or facing audit errors; we help sort it all out for you.

Get step-by-step resolution and instructions for all your problems and queries related to Sage 100 Contractor from QuickBooksTechSupportPhoneNumber Sage support team. Call on +1(800)986-6570 and speak to our experts for any complex or urgent issues.

Chat live with our customer support team; alternatively, you can also drop in your detailed inquiry through the web form or email it to us at +1(800)986-6570 @ and our advisor will get back with the resolution.

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