QuickBooks Payroll Error 15102

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QuickBooks Payroll Error 15102

QuickBooks Payroll Error 15102

QuickBooks has uniquely created company accounting work handy because it helps to keep complete track over inventory and payroll. But there are many cases when you face some errors while updating or downloading your payroll updates and QuickBooks payroll error 15102 is one of them.

QuickBooks basic payroll, QuickBooks standard payroll, QuickBooks enhanced payroll or QuickBooks assisted payroll gross pay calculates each employee’s salary, the net pay. It also helps to keep track of all your tax liabilities so that you don’t miss out on them.

Here are some of the causes along with the most ideal solution for fixing QuickBooks payroll error 15102 which may encounter while downloading a payroll or QuickBooks desktop updates.  

Causes behind error 15102 QuickBooks

  • When specifies download link is not accessible and the shared download option is turned on
  • Another reason may be you are running QuickBooks in terminal services in multi-user mode
  • Maybe you are not using the latest version of the software
  • If you are not logged in as windows administrator or running Windows Vista and this can be one of the causes.

Things to do before fixing the error code 15102

Once you are able to recognize the error then open QuickBooks desktop performs the following steps before fixing the error.

  1. Update QuickBooks desktop
    1. Open QuickBooks Desktop in your system
    1. Go to Help and then Update QuickBooks Desktop
    1. Click on the Update Now tab on the top and then click Get Updates.
  2. Download the latest payroll tax table
    1. Open your QuickBooks Desktop
    1. Go to the Employee menu and then get payroll updates.
    1. Click on Download the entire update
    1. Now select, Download the latest update.

Perform the Troubleshoot steps to fix QuickBooks payroll error 15102-

Solution 1: Switch to single-user mode

It is necessary to switch to single-user mode because any company can only access by only one person. So make sure it should be in single-user mode. In case if you are using multi-user mode then perform the following steps to change to single-user mode:

  • Open your QuickBooks desktop
  • Go to file and then click on the switch to single-user mode.

Solution 2: Verify the mapped file location is accurate

  • To open the product info window, press F2. When you able to find the mapped location path then jot it down
  • Next, go to the Help menu and click on update QuickBooks
  • Click on the options tab to confirm the info in download location is correct
  • Initially, turn off the shared download and turn it on again
  • Verify that download location using the new mapped drive
  • Click to save and then close
  • At last, download the latest tax table once again. 

Solution 3: Remap the drive to a new letter, if the location is correct

  • Initially, you have to close your QuickBooks Company file
  • Next map your drive to a new drive letter
  • Open the company file on the same mapped drive
  • To update go to  help and then click on Update QuickBooks
  • Then click on the options tab
  • With the help of the Options tab, turn off shared download and then turn it on once again.
  • Verify that the download location with the help of a new mapped-drive letter 
  • Select save
  • At last, close the application.

How to reach us?

In any case, you struck with the above steps or fail to assist you in downloading the payroll and update the software due to QuickBooks payroll error 15102. You can reach out via toll-free QuickBooks Desktop customer support number +1-800-986-6570 . You can surely get real-time help to resolve your error related QuickBooks. You can even connect by sending an email at ask@concontactos.com or do a live chat with QuickBooks experts