Concontactos - An Ultimate Stress Booster

More than a million people have downloaded Concontactos in just 3 months


It is built to provide you with an amazing messaging experience and advanced User-interface

User’s Data

Your data is intact with us so that no one can question your integrity. We know how to take care of data


We keep this app, the data and the messages that you do here 100% safe and secure

Customized chat solutions for every industry

We have a technically advanced chat platform that is designed and dedicated to your industry. So, whatever be your business, just connect with us to get the customized platform as per your requirement.


Empowering chat for innovative business and industries

More than a million users trust us because we have helped clients and users build and ensure conversion, engagement, retention and communication


Our real-time messaging helps you connect to your buyer, seller and service provider easily and conveniently


We have an on-demand communication mechanism. We offer customer support and supply-chain


We have an in-app messaging system so that you can reach your patients anytime and anywhere.

Online Community

Connect with users via community chats to ensure proper and more user-engagement and longer.

Versatility and  Compatibility

It works on every device and on every platform so that you can connect with your customer from anywhere.

App for mobile

We have designed an app that can be used for chat

Official Website

You can directly Sign-up/Sign-in to our website

CMS Plug-in

You can get the plug-in installed in your CMS for chat

In-app Plug-in

It can also function in mobile apps and tablet apps

Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

It’s been two years that we have been using concontactos plug-in. Before that, we always relied on Toll-Free Number and Email, but it always took a lot of time to connect with our audience. This helped us a lot in connecting with our customers in real-time. Thanks

Eleanor Fant

Company name

I am a freelancer and I run my business through my website. With the previous live chat plug-in, I never had a chance to connect with my users on Live Chat via the app. This Live Chat features this. Now I feel blessed.

Brandon Guidelines

Company name

You guys have built an amazing and easy live chat portal. Its app is also amazing. Now, I don’t have to wait to open and turn on my laptop. I can simply to my clients from the app only. Thank you for the app and plug-in

Sue Shei

Company name

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